Student Videos

ECU’s research students are making an impact in the classroom and in the community. Click a video to learn more about each student’s research.

Alex Turner Researches Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects
Undergraduate Alex Turner investigates the effects of a specific prostate cancer treatment on bladder function.

Maddie Wells Researches Dance Conditioning
Undergraduate Maddie Wells is trying to find new ways to use dance to build healthier bodies.

Sarah Bradshaw Researches Ozone Inhalation
Undergraduate Sarah Bradshaw is studying how ozone exposure affects your lungs.

Amber Chavis Researches the Eastern Bluebird
Undergraduate researcher Amber Chavis is trying to answer the question “Why so birds lay their eggs at certain times during the day?”

COVID Series: Benjamin Estorage
Like many of you, REDE’s plans changed thanks to COVID-19. So, we’ve rebooted our undergraduate research series. We kick off the series with a clip from ECU College of Allied Health Sciences student Benjamin Estorage and his project encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.

COVID Series: Elizabeth Chan
Undergraduate researcher Elizabeth Chan from the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences shares how her research with metformin and fruit flies helps us learn about aging and diet.

COVID Series: Lauren McKee
College of Fine Arts and Communication undergraduate researcher Lauren McKee is partnering with ECU’s dance and engineering departments to develop sensors that test muscle activation.

COVID Series: MacKenzie Wheeler
Undergraduate researcher MacKenzie Wheeler focuses on how to prevent preterm birth by investigating how stress affects fetal membranes with the College of Engineering.

COVID Series: Nicole Cavaliere
Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences’ Nicole Cavaliere studies fungal infections and how we can fight back to keep ourselves healthy.

COVID Series: Sarah Akers
ECU Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences’s Sarah Akers investigates the mechanism behind blue bird egg coloring, which could help unlock new genetic information.

COVID Series: Sarah Nolte
ECU College of Nursing researcher Sarah Nolte examines the relationship between race, ethnicity and obesity issues in the U.S. veteran population.

COVID Series: Sneha Amaresh
College of Human Health and Performance undergrad Sneha Amaresh researches how to best to provide other undergrad students from seasonal and migrant farmworker families the tools needed to be able to conduct their own research into farmworker health.

COVID Series: Spencer Crawford
Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences researcher Spencer Crawford shares his work studying the socioeconomic factors that affect the breast cancer screening rate of Korean-American immigrant women.

COVID Series: Amy Lewis
We wrap up our summer 2020 undergraduate research  video series with Amy Lewis from the College of Allied Health Sciences. Learn what she’s researching on her study abroad trip to Zimbabwe – once we’re able to safely get back out in the field


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