Available Technologies


East Carolina University is seeking partnerships with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to assist our university’s research goals. The following technologies are available for use through licensing with ECU.


Available Technologies
Tech IDTechnology NameLead Inventor
TT0618Methods and Compositions for Poxvirus A35R ProteinDr. Rachel Roper
TT1007Methods of Reducing Myocardial Injury Following Myocardial InfactionDr. Jitka Virag
TT1204fARMOR Agricultural RespiratorMichele Proctor
TT1401J-series prostaglandin-ethanolamides as novel therapeuticsDr. Rukiyah Van Dross
TT1501Cryopreservation of Cells Using SucraloseDr. Anthony Kennedy
TT1605Targeting Mitochondria to Prevent Tissue Loss in Peripheral Arterial DiseaseDr. Joseph McClung
TT1704A novel process for in vitro cultivation and expension of regulatory FOXP3+ T cellsDr. Mark Mannie
TT2002Saftey Door Indicator Device (Doorstop)Dr. Daniel Dickerson
TT2105Compositions and Methods of Treating Coronavirus Infection by Use of an Interferon Fusion ProteinDr. Mark Mannie
TT2302Assembly for Portable EaselDr. Elizabeth Hodges
TT2314Tar-Pamlico Blue Economy Corridor TrademarkDr. Emily Yeager
TT2404Cap Assist System For Facilitating Container AccessDr. Meredith Briley and Dr. Patrick Briley
TT2408Wind Tunnel for Assessment of InsecticidesDr. Stephanie Richards and Dr. Sinan Sousan


Licensed Technologies
    Tech IDTechnology NameLead Inventor
    TT0102Novel Autoinducer Molecules and Uses ThereforDr. Everett Pesci
    TT1603Adjuvants for Tolerogenic VaccinationDr. Mark Mannie
    TT0304Methods and Devices for Treating Non-Stuttering Pathologies Using Frequency Altered FeedbackDr. Michael Rastatter
    TT0702Cytokine-Based Fusion Proteins for Treatment of Immune DisordersDr. Mark Mannie
    TT0709Emergency Snake Bite Treatment Devices, Medical Kits and Related Methods.Dr. Jason Hack
    TT0902Cytokines and Neuroantigens for Treatment of Immune DisordersDr. Mark Mannie
    TT1103Methods for Monitoring Changes in the Core of Lipoprotein Particles in Metabolism and DiseaseDr. David Cistola
    TT1105Methods, Systems and Computer Program Products for Non-Invasive Determination of Blood Flow Distribution Using Speckle Imaging Techniques.Dr. Bruce Ferguson
    TT1109Weight Monitoring Systems and MethodsDr. Sharon Rogers
    TT1110Normalization and Cumulative Analysis of Cognitive Educational Outcome ElementsDr. Todd Watkins
    TT1310Methods, Systems, and Devices for Multi-User Improvement of Reading Comprehension Using Frequency Altered FeedbackDr. Michael Rastatter
    TT1403Method to Visualize both Anatomical Structure and Blood Flow and Perfusion Using NIR ImagingDr. Cheng Chen
    TT1404Use of Intrinsic Electrical, Mechanical, and Motion Metadata Signals in Blood Flow and Perfusion ImagingDr. Cheng Chen
    TT1503Multi-Spectral Laser Imaging (MSLI) Method and System in Blood Flow and Perfusion Imaging and OuantificationDr. Bruce Ferguson
    TT1504A General Design and System to Ensure Laser Safety and Improve Beam Homogeneity in Laser-Based ImagingDr. Zhiyong Peng
    TT1505A Multi-wavelength beam splitting method and technology for simultaneous imaging of a distant object in two or more spectral channels using a single camera.Dr. Zhiyong Peng
    TT1601Preventing of and recovery from augmentation in Restless legs syndomeDr. Stefan Clemens
    TT1602A Design of Target Distance Marker and Target Dimension Ruler Using Light Projecting DeviceDr. Cheng Chen
    TT1804Methods, Systems, and Computer Program Products for Normalization and Cumulative Analysis of Cognitive Educational Outcome Elements (2017 redux of 2011)Dr. Todd Watkins
    TT1805Systems, Methods, and Computer Program Products for Optimizing Applicant Selection Based on Performance Indices (2017) PredictorDr. Todd Watkins
    TT1806Systems, Methods, and Computer Program Products for Normalizing Academic Credit for Faculty Curriculum Participation from Multiple Educational Encounter Types (2017) Curriculum Mapper with heuristic.Dr. Todd Watkins
    TT1807Systems, Methods, and Computer Program Products for Characterization of Grader Behaviors in Multi-Step Rubric-Based Assessments (2017) IRR part of the QSA Grader.Dr. Todd Watkins
    TT1808Maintaining opioid efficacy in the treatment of chronic pain by adjuvant use of dopamine receptor compounds.Dr. Kori Brewer
    TT1816Ouantification of Peripheral Oxygen Saturation in TissueDr. Bruce Ferguson
    TT1901Methods for integrating metaKG, peripheral oxygen saturation and [Hgb] determinationDr. Bruce Ferguson
    TT2007Nanotechnology-based Pesticides and Intermediates, Compositions and Treatments Using the Same.Dr. Lok Pokhrel
    TT2203Using biomarkers to identify the responsiveness of pain patients to treatment with opioidsDr. Kori Brewer and Dr. Stefan Clemens
    TT2210Methods and compositions for preventing and treating fibrosis and improving functional recovery after injury or with agingDr. Kori Brewer and Dr. Stefan Clemens

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