Disclose an Invention

To get started with L&C assessing your idea or innovation, first submit an innovation disclosure. There are two types of innovation disclosures: 1) Initial Disclosure and 2) Official Invention Disclosure.

An Initial Disclosure is a brief summary of the idea or innovation that you are trying to advance towards commercialization. Based on the summary, a follow-up meeting may be required between the innovator and L&C staff. This type of disclosure will serve as a starting point for L&C staff to perform an intellectual property protection and marketability analysis. We may also collect other information such as other innovators that contributed to the idea, grant funding used, industry feedback, and proof of concept. Following this analysis, L&C will provide a recommendation to the innovator. Initial Disclosures are identified by the prefix “D”. To complete an Initial Disclosure click on the box below:

Submit Initial Disclosure


An Official Invention Disclosure follows the initial disclosure and is related to a specific legal, business, and/or financial action such as filing a patent, presenting to patent committee, hiring a consultant, or licensing a technology. Official Invention Disclosures should have a clear competitive advantage and business case identified. Official Invention Disclosures are identified by the prefix “TT”.

To disclose an official invention disclosure, visit the link below. To login, you must be connected to ECU’s network or ECU’s approved virtual private network (VPN). Inventors should log in using their ECU credentials (PirateID and password) to login.

Submit Official Disclosure

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