Foundations of Innovation

Foundations of Innovation is a collection of self-paced training modules designed to allow faculty, staff and students to explore the process of developing early stage innovative ideas into potential new products or resources.  Each module contains a short 20-30 minute video along with downloadable materials to facilitate the process of idea evaluation and assessment. A self-assessment/quiz is provided at the end of each module for those who’d like to test their understanding of a topic. Course topics include:

  • The IP Zone: The Intellectual Property (IP) Zone provides basic training of various forms of intellectual property protection, such as patents, copyrghts, trademarks and trade secrets, in addition to strategies for conducting a prior atr search to identify similar or competing ideas.
  • General Business/Service Development: This module provides a step-by-step framework for understanding the customer, its market and future considerations for advancing a product/service idea.
  • Digital Content Development: 80-90% of mobile applications are abandoned just after a single use so It takes more than an idea for a new app to succeed.  This module dives into the key elements needed to align digital content with customer needs and industry standards.
  • Biomedical Development: Only 1 out of 5,000 new therapeutics overcome regulatory and industry hurdles to reach the marketplace. This module focuses on developing a target product profile and identifying key go/no-go milestones to attract early stage funding.

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