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The Office of Licensing and Commercialization is always looking for motivated and creative students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty to assist with projects in the office. Volunteers are exposed to a vast array of opportunities related to technology development, commercialization, licensing, and marketing. Volunteer opportunities are typically 1-3 hours per week.


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Benefits of Volunteering

  • Exposure to translational research and the role of intellectual property protection;
  • Develop marketing material;
  • Understand the commercialization process;
  • Build skills related to innovation evaluation, communicating with industry experts, and customer discovery;
  • Establish a network of connections; and
  • Learn about alternative career paths in the field of technology transfer (Patent Attorney, Investment, Licensing, etc.).

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Marketing and Social Media: This opportunity provides hands on experience in creating marketing materials (Videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc.) for high growth technologies. Marketing materials will be displayed on the L&C website and be shared with potential licensees.
Intellectual Property Search: This opportunity will allow the student to understand the different facets of intellectual property protection and prepare search reports on the patentability and potential commercialization value of the technology.
Federal Reporting and Contract Management: A key aspect of the Office of Licensing & Commercialization is managing licenses, contracts, and reports. This opportunity provides hands on experience in federal reporting and database management.


For more information on the program, contact Dr. Carlyle Rogers, Director of Licensing & Commercialization, at rogersar@ecu.edu.

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