ECU I-Corps Innovation Ambassador Program

Brittany and Sara at BioPharm America

The ECU I-Corps Innovation Ambassador Program is a hands-on internship program made available through a grant from the National Science Foundation. The program is available to highly motivated graduate students in the physical and life sciences, engineering, and technology fields who are interested in learning skills essential for identifying and assessing innovations for future development potential.

Offered by ECU’s Office of Licensing and Commercialization, the ECU I-Corps Innovation Ambassador Program offers a paid internship ($2,000) for five hours per week over the course of 3 months. Following successful completion of the training program, I-Corps Innovation Ambassadors will identify and assess novel innovations from ECU’s research community, explore commercialization opportunities, and serve on an I-Corps team for an ECU innovation. Ambassadors are also given the opportunity to attend conferences and to network at various events. This past Fall, Innovation Ambassadors attended the BioPharm America Conference, Ocean Innovation Conference, Internet Summit, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, and other events.

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Benefits for the Ambassador

  • Exposure to translational research and to the role of intellectual property protection;
  • Understand the commercialization process;
  • Build skills related to innovation evaluation, communicating with industry experts, and customer discovery;
  • Establish a network of connections; and
  • Learn about alternative career paths in the field of technology transfer (Patent Attorney, Investment, Licensing, etc.).

Outcomes from the Program

  • Program Start: Jan. 2021 
  • Total Number of Ambassador Trained: 16 
  • Number of Total Customer Interviews Completed by Ambassadors: 465 
  • I-Corps teams assisted with the Innovation Ambassador as the Entrepreneurial Lead: 32 
  • Number of Faculty Engaged: 212 
  • Number of Innovation Disclosures: 52 
  • Number of New Patents: 5  
  • Number of Licenses: 3 
  • Number of New Digital Market Products: 5 


Current Ambassadors

Dymon Blango
Dymon Pickett
Graduate Student
Criminal Justice
Brittany Trotter
Brittany Trotter
Graduate Student
Jacquelyn Moore
Jacquelyn Moore
Graduate Student
Coastal Studies
Sara Lowe
Sara Lowe
Graduate Student
Microbiology & Immunology
Amber Faircloth
Amber Faircloth
Graduate Student
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Rachel Bruns
Rachel Bruns
Graduate Student
Biomedical Engineering

    Previous Ambassadors:

    • Amber Faircloth
    • Dara Iraheta
    • Summer Warren
    • Tinashe Jaravaza
    • Mandee Schaub
    • Shannon Donnelly
    • Ashley Jata
    • Sir Yendamuri
    • Elizabeth LaFave
    • Rachel Yip
    • Meme Keelen
    • Rachel Bruns


    Dymon Blango pitches her business in front of crowd
    Brittany Trotter pitching her problem statement
    Healthcare Pitch Program 3rd Place
    Healthcare Pitch Competition audience
    L&C team celebrating
    Amber Faircloth discussing her poster
    Elizabeth LaFave winner of the Pirate Challenge


    For more information on the program, contact Dr. Carlyle Rogers, Director of Licensing & Commercialization, at

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