Inventor Profiles

ECU and the Office of Licensing and Commercialization are proud to support our inventors and innovators. Read below about some of our inventors and innovators. Each has a unique story and journey that display the commitment to education, leadership and innovation for our students, faculty, staff and community residents. Starting in 2024, L&C will be recognizing an “Innovator of the Month.” Awardees will be announced on this page, so check back for updates.


Dr. Sharon Rodgers Moore
Keeping Athletes Hydrated

Dr. Rachel Roper
Targeting the Critical Gene

Dr. Xin-Hua Hu
3D Imaging Flow Cytometer

Dr. Mark Mannie
Fighting the Incurable

Dr. Jitka Virag
Fixing the Broken Heart

Dr. Xin-Hua Hu and Dr. Cheng Chen
Optical Biopsy

Dr. Joseph Kalinowski, Dr. Andrew Stuart and Dr. Michael Rastatter
Stifling Stuttering

Dr. Rukiyah Van Dross, Dr. Colin Burns, Dr. Allison Danell and Daniel Ladin
Stressing Out Cancer

Dr. Stefan Clemens
Improving Sleep: Rethinking RLS

Dr. Gregg Givens
Big Gains in Detecting Hearing Loss

Gabe Dough

Dr. Qun Lu and Dr. Yan-Hua Chen
Changing Cancer Diagnostics

Dr. Jason Hack
Anything but Snakebit

Dr. Yiping Qi
The Business of Genome Editing

Dr. Anthony Kennedy, Dr. Jitka Virag, Dr. Jean-Luc Scemama and Ross Pennington
Sweetly Preserving Blood

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