CITI Program: User Instructions


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New Users:

  1. Click logo to go to CITI site
  2. Register as a New User
    • Select “East Carolina University” as the “Participating Institution”
  3. Select Curriculum
    • Question 1: Skip (unless you need to take training for human subjects research)
    • Question 2: Skip (unless you answered question one)
    • Question 3: Skip (unless you need to take training for essentials of public health research)
    • Question 4: Skip (unless you need to take optional ethics training for animal use in research and teaching)
    • Question 5: Answer “No RCR course needed at this time” (unless you need to take training in the responsible conduct of research)
    • Question 6: Skip (unless you need to take training in US export control regulations)
    • Question 7: Answer “Not at this time” (unless you need to take training in biosafety/biosecurity)
    • Question 8: Select “Yes” to enrolling in the Conflicts of Interest course
    • Question 9: Skip (unless you need to take training for clinical research coordinator)
  1. Complete training: Select “East Carolina University Courses” to expand the menu, then select “Enter” under the ECU COI Course, Stage 1.  Review integrity statement and CITI introduction
    • Complete “FCOI: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities and COI Rules” module and quiz
    • Complete “Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators” module and quiz
    • Complete “COI Institution-Specific Policies” module and quiz
  1. You must achieve a grade of 80% in order to receive credit for completing the course
  2. Once completed, a notice of completion will be sent automatically to the ECU ORIC office (

Returning Users to CITI:

  1. Go to
  2. Login in using your username and password (or follow directions if you’ve forgotten your username and/or password)
  3. Select “Add a course or update your learner groups for East Carolina University”
  4. Scroll to Question 8: Conflicts of Interest and select “yes” and submit
    • Answer “Not at this time” to the other modules (or simply skip the non-required questions), if you have not already done so and don’t need to complete such training.
  5. Follow instructions 4-6 as listed above under New Users

Contact ORIC with any questions about completing CITI training: or 252-328-4140.


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