Office of Research Integrity and Compliance Staff

Tony Rowe
Acting Director
CHB, US Customshouse Broker
Erik BakerErik Baker
Conflicts of Interest and Export Controls Analyst
PMP Certification
Tammy Drapeaux
Research Compliance and Training Specialist
BA, English

Core Values

Integrity.  We adhere to a consistent framework of ethical principles in our work that includes honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency.   We accomplish this by subscribing to a code of personal and professional conduct that is above reproach and to which we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

People First.  We recognize that people are our priority and that our standard of practice must be anchored in the Golden Rule.  We therefore act with a sense of fairness and on the principle of reciprocity by treating people with dignity, courtesy, and respect.  Our focus is to remain cognizant of what impact our actions have on the lives of others.

Commitment to Excellence.   We believe that every job we do is a self-portrait and that our work should be autographed with quality.  We are professionals and take pride in our work.

Servant Leadership.  We believe in developing the leadership potential of each member of our staff by facilitating his or her engagement in service to the University and to our community.  It is imperative that we set the example for demonstrating responsible and ethical conduct in service to the University community by enhancing the growth of individuals in our department and increasing teamwork and personal involvement.

Collaboration. We must seek to recognize, build, and strengthen partnerships through the work that we do.   Investment in the concepts of collaboration and teamwork provides us with a more efficient utilization of resources and increases community capacity.

Value Innovation.  We embrace a strategy that merges value and innovation whereby our entire range of activities are oriented toward achieving an increase in value for both our University partners and ourselves.

Work-life Balance and Wellness.  We recognize that people are the most important assets of our department and organization. The talents of every individual drive the innovation needed for our University to remain competitive. Our ability to serve the University community cannot overlook the importance of work-life balance. Without this delicate balance, personal well-being suffers and so will job performance. Thus, our department places a premium on work-life balance as an essential component of employee wellness that allows our staff to lead well-rounded lives to better serve the University community.

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