Division of Research, Economic Development and Engagement at ECU

As the only university in North Carolina with a medical school, a dental school and a college of engineering, East Carolina University is leading the way in our region to create important discoveries through research. We offer research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, while seeking the best and brightest minds to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Researchers here are developing new technologies, medicines and innovative approaches that will transform the rural and coastal regions of our state. Join ECU’s research team, make the next extraordinary discovery and support us in becoming the next great national university.

Senior Leadership

Picture of Michael Van Scott
Michael Van Scott
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor
(252) 328-9479
Picture of Margaret Macready
Margaret Macready
Executive Assistant
(252) 328-9471

Picture of Ted Morris
Ted Morris
Associate Vice Chancellor, Regional Economic Development and Millennial Campus
(252) 737-1341
Picture of Mary Farwell
Mary Farwell
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
(252) 328-9476
Picture of Kathryn Verbanac
Kathryn Verbanac
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences
(252) 737-4812

Picture of Sharon Paynter
Sharon Paynter
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Community Engagement and Research
(252) 328-9480
Picture of Becky Welch
Becky Welch
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administrative Services
(252) 328-9478


Picture of Julie Cole
Julie Cole
Director of Grants and Contracts
(252) 328-9520
Picture of Mark Wdowik
Mark Wdowik
Executive Director of Innovation and New Ventures
(252) 737-5558
Picture of Marti Van Scott
Marti Van Scott
Director of Commercialization and Licensing
(252) 328-9545

Picture of Christopher Wheeler
Christopher Wheeler
Executive Director of National Security and Industry Initiatives
(252) 737-5569
Picture of Brandon Morrison
Brandon Morrison
Director of Industry Initiatives
(252) 737-5424
Picture of Jim Menke
Jim Menke
Director of National Security Initiatives
(252) 737-1354

Picture of Merrill Flood
Merrill Flood
Director of Local Community Affairs
(252) 737-2256
Picture of Joe Gaines
Joe Gaines
Director of Regional Economic Development
(252) 737-1343
Picture of Ariana Billingsley
Ariana Billingsley
Director of SBTDC at ECU
(252) 737-1368

Picture of Anthony Rowe
Anthony Rowe
Director of Export Controls and Customs
(252) 744-2395

Support Staff

Picture of Becky Gardner
Becky Gardner
Business Officer
(252) 737-1916
Picture of Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith
Public Communication Specialist
(252) 737-5423
Picture of Paige Middleton
Paige Middleton
Visual Arts Specialist
(252) 737-5425

Picture of Cassandra Keel
Cassandra Keel
Administrative Support Associate
Picture of Heather Christman
Heather Christman
Administrative Support Associate
(252) 737-5426
Picture of Robin Kneisley
Robin Kneisley
Administrative Support Associate
(252) 328-9475

Picture of Shaun Reece
Shaun Reece
Tech Support Specialist
(252) 737-5413