What is STEM@Starlight?

STEM@Starlight is a regional intellectual exchange group designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration among East Carolina University faculty, staff, students and the public. Its mission is to promote the utilization of biotechnology through scientific communication and collaboration in the eastern region of North Carolina. Presentations by researchers often focus on areas of interest that connect research scientists and engineers, the Brody School of Medicine, and private companies. Funded by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, STEM@Starlight events are typically held once a quarter at various locations. These events are open to the public.


Upcoming Events

Monday, February 5  l  5-7 p.m.
Main Campus Student Center, Ballroom B
501 E. 10th St., Greenville, NC 27858

NC Biotech Venture Challenge Kick Off Event

Join us for Monday, February 5 for an introduction to the NC Biotech Venture Challenge. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center launched this life-sciences-based, innovation-focused venture challenge to raise the profile, increase the volume, and enhance the successes of life science commercialization, innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies in every region across North Carolina. 

ECU’s Office of Licensing and Commercialization and the Small Business and Technology Development Center will co-host the event.

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Past Events

Dec. 5, 2023
Event Photos
The Future of Innovation at ECU

Dr. Carlyle Rogers, Director, ECU's Office of Licensing and Commercialization
Derrick Welch, NCInnovation Regional Director
Sept. 25, 2023
Event Photos
New Start-Up Faculty Meet and Greet

Various new start-up faculty members
Mar. 7, 2023Challenges and Opportunities in Energy and Climate at the Coast

Capt. George Bonner, Director, NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program
Dr. Grace Andrews, VP Scientific Research, Vesta
Oct. 12, 2022Storytelling and Science - Using the Arts to Communicate Science in a World of Misinformation

Maggie Fink from the University of Notre Dame
Apr. 18, 2022Innovations in Craniofacial Bone and Periodontal Tissue Engineering Biofabrication Approaches

Dr. Marco Bottino, University of Michigan, School of Dentistry
Jan. 25, 2022Low Cost Water Sensors

Alper Bozkurt, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State University
Dr. James Reynolds, Postdoctoral Associate, NC State University
Ufuoma Ovienmhada, PhD Student at MIT, Aeronautics and Astronautics Department
Nov. 15, 2021
Team Science and Funding Success at ECU

Dr. Acela Martinez-Luna, ECU School of Dental Medicine
Dr. Abdel Abdel-Rahman, ECU Brody School of Medicine
Dr. Brian Sylcott, ECU College of Engineering and Technology
Sept. 20, 2021

How Allies and Advocates Can Help Women and Everyone THRIVE in STEM

Dr. Ann Sperry, Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology, ECU
Dr. Anne Spuches, Associate Professor, Chemistry, ECU
Dr. Morgan Milton, Postdoctoral Scholar, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, ECU

Dr. Andrew Morehead, Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry, ECU
June 7, 2021
Out in STEM (oSTEM) Launch

Paulette Vincent-Ruz, Postdoctoral Associate, University of Michigan
Mar. 22, 2021
COVID Research and New Core Capacities

Jay Fallon, Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology, Brody School of Medicine, ECU
Mark Mannie, Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Brody School of Medicine, ECU
Tonya Zeczycki, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Brody School of Medicine, ECU
Apr. 26, 2021
Ethics of Scientific Publication

David Sanders, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Purdue University
Apr. 19, 2021Cyber Infrastructure, NSF Opportunities and Building Research Computing Programs

Jim Bottum, Research Professor Emeritus, Clemson University

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