Graphic Design Support

Support is available for faculty and staff in need of help with graphic design projects.

University Creative Services

As part of our campus community, you have access to the university’s full-service, on-campus provider of marketing materials at no charge to you (aside from printing costs). Creative Services works with you to understand your needs to develop creative solutions. You can contact Creative Services to create a brochure, postcard, radio spot, video, website, custom illustration or any other marketing materials. All work produced by Creative Services automatically meets brand standards, so no need for further review. Creative Services consistently handles a heavy workload, and all requests should be submitted at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Click here to learn more about their services or to submit a request.

Outside Support

Paige Middleton is available on a per-project basis for graphic design support. Middleton graduated from ECU with a Bachelors of Art in Graphic Design. After graduation, she worked as a designer for REDE and also as a lead designer and product creator for a local small business. She is continuing to use her design expertise on project-based work for ECU employees and has been approved as a vendor in the Materials Management system.

Please contact Paige with your project inquiries: / 919-609-5366

Creating Your Own

If you feel you have the time, the skills and access to the right tools, you can design your own material.

Anything you create representing ECU will need to be approved by Creative Services Logo Review. The approval process will take up to 24 hours at the most but is typically returned to you the same day.

Here are some Creative Services-approved templates for flyers and social post creation:
Here are key tips to keep in mind when creating your own material:
  • Items must adhere to ECU Branding: Top 10 Branding Tips
  • For header text, use Museo Slab font; for body text, use the Avenir Next font family. If you do not have Museo Slab or Avenir Next fonts, you may use variations of the Garamond font family for your header and body.
  • Stick to the ECU color palette (proper versions of purples, yellows/gold, black, white and gray; reds, light blues, etc should be avoided)
  • Always use an official ECU logo (main logo, department logo, college/school logo) and never alter it. If you cannot get the proper logo from your department admin, request it from
  • Anything that is an event requires at least the abbreviated ADA statement:
    ADA Accommodations: ADA Coordinator,, 252-737-1018
    If preferred, you can use this revised statement:
    For ADA accommodations, please contact our office at (include how your office would like to be contacted)
  • Submit to ECU Logo Review for approval before sending out any communication material with ECU branding elements.
    Note: For research study material, Logo Review will only look for proper use of logos, fonts and colors. For any issues that hold up the approval process, contact the Director of Creative Services, Susan Hoerchler.

If you have questions regarding your design, proper logo, fonts, or colors, contact Creative Services for assistance at (252) 328-6037 or email You may also reach out to your Communication Liaison.


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