FastTracks – Navigating the Revisions to the UG (NCURA Webinar)

Maybe you have heard something about changes to the Uniform Guidance? Maybe you understand it’s probably important but haven’t had time to “get into it”? We are all in the same boat – and that boat will be attending the NCURA webinar on 14 December to get all the info.

ECU staff members can attend for free – e-mail to get a link to set up your own individual login. After the webinar, CMSI will host a Teams meeting so we can exchange perspectives on the issues presented. The webinar will be recorded and made available for review about a week later (along with pertinent notes from the Teams meeting).


This webinar will discuss key changes reflected in the 2020 revision, including updated definitions, new requirements as well as modifications to existing requirements.  Our discussion will include the government’s purpose in making a particular change, as well as the potential impact to institutions.  Please join us for an informative session reviewing one of the key documents impacting sponsored awards at our institutions.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Uniform Guidance

Tolise Dailey, Training Manager, Johns Hopkins University
David Mayo, Director of Sponsored Research, California Institute of Technology
David Schultz, Assistant VP, Research Administration and Finance, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute