RAIN Notes – July 2021

NCURA Webinar – Avoiding “Returned Without Review” – Successful proposal submission requires research administrators at both the central and departmental levels to have a solid understanding of sponsor guidelines. Efforts to minimize the risk of receiving a proposal as “returned without review” are essential to achieving the goal of getting a complete and compliant package out the door on-time. As proposal development can be a labor-intensive and often frustrating endeavor, having a strong comprehension of an agency’s requirements is an important job skill.  

This webinar is available for streaming by ECU personnel – Click Here

This webinar, and other similar presentations such as those listed below, may count as continuing education credits for various credentials. For even more options, Click Here.

Federal Agency Updates – Presentation to FDP – Various federal agencies gave updates on their research programs at the May FDP meeting. The presentation was recording and is available online – Click Here (for the video) and Click Here (for the agency summaries)

SciENcv – Presentation at FDP – Also at the May FDP meeting, there was a presentation on the online tools used to assist faculty with biosketches and publications. If you assist faculty with this sort of thing, you may find it useful – Click Here (for the video) and Click Here(for the slides).

Training – Basics for Departmental Research Administrators – Several new training presentations which provide an overview of research administration are available in Cornerstone. Click Here and search for BDRA.

Research Administration on the national landscape – The article linked below explores some of the major themes likely to play out in research administration over the next few years. The federal government has recently funded multiple large programs – the implementation of those programs will define much of the work of research administrators for some time. Click Here to read the article.

The Research Administrator’s Information Network (RAIN) is an open forum for ECU personnel interested in research administration issues. There are monthly RAIN meetings, a Microsoft Team, Grant Alerts, and these monthly issues e-mail. For more information, please send e-mail to cmsi@ecu.edu.