RAIN Notes – December 2021


SAM.gov Renewal

ECU has completed our annual SAM.gov renewal. Most federal agencies access SAM.gov directly, but you may see an occasional request for confirmation. Use the link below:

See ECU’s current SAM.gov Registration.

If you have further questions about SAM, see: https://sam.gov/content/about/this-site.

ECU FDP Clearinghouse Profile

ECU maintains a profile at the Federal Demonstration Project Clearinghouse to publicly disclose information that may be requested by research partners.

See ECU’s FDP Profile – https://fdpclearinghouse.org/organizations/423

More info on FDP – http://thefdp.org/default/

What information is available in the organization profiles?

Data included for each published organizational profile has been certified as correct by an applicable institutional official, reviewed for accuracy by the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee, and includes the following:

  • Most recent Single Audit
  • F&A and fringe benefit rates
  • Suspension and debarment
  • PHS financial conflict of interest policy
  • Federalwide Assurance number and other compliance-related information
  • Federal identifiers (DUNS/UEI, EIN, CAGE, etc.), and
  • Organizational contact information (authorized official, FFATA, financial, COI, etc.) that are commonly needed for various types of subawards.

All published profiles can be accessed by clicking on “Participating Organizations” at the top and are publicly available without logging into the system.

Training – Basics for Departmental Research Administrators

The BDRA series includes the modules listed below.

  • BDRA01 – Research Administration at ECU
  • BDRA02 – Research Administration Offices and Resources
  • BDRA03 – Spending on Sponsored Projects
  • BDRA-AS1 – Award Setup (Part 1)
  • BDRA-AS2 – Award Setup (Part 2)

These can be accessed via our website – go.ecu.edu/bdra

December RAIN Meeting – 15 December

The December RAIN meeting will take place on 15 December – one week earlier than the usual date on the 4th Wednesday of the month. This change moves it away from the holiday.

Happy Holidays!

The Research Administrator’s Information Network (RAIN) is an open forum for ECU personnel interested in research administration issues. There are monthly RAIN meetings, a Microsoft Team, Grant Alerts, and these monthly issues e-mail. If you would like to be included in RAIN meetings and receive additional RAIN information, click here.