Disclosures for Sponsored Projects


ECU principal investigators (PIs,) (including Co-PIs), regardless of compensation, and all ECU project personnel, with the exception of any undergraduate students, who will receive compensation from the grant/contract on proposals for externally sponsored projects are required to submit a Project Specific COI Disclosure (PSD-COI) at time of proposal submission. There is a two-week grace period after submission for personnel to submit the disclosure. Regardless of submission date, impending/new awards require compliance with the PSD-COI requirement upon award notification and prior to award set up.  Personnel who obtain any new Significant Financial Interest (SFI) after initial PSD-COI submission must update their PSD-COI within thirty (30) days of acquiring the interest; this applies throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Who at ECU is covered by this policy?                                                                                                                                          The ECU PI and all named ECU project personnel, excluding undergraduate students, who are compensated, regardless of position classification or role on the project.

What sponsors are covered by this policy?
All external sponsors, all agreement types.

What categories of projects are covered by this policy?
All categories of projects, including but not limited to research, education, public service, clinical trials.

How do ECU personnel submit Project Specific Disclosures?
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How does the policy affect subawards?
While the PSD-COI applies to ECU personnel, ECU may need to collect a Financial Conflict of Interest disclosure from certain subrecipients and contractors. Select “Subrecipients and Contractors” below to learn more.

ECU Personnel

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Subrecipients and Contractors

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