Data Products

The ORA provides data products of reports to help meet some of your award and proposal reporting needs. For more specialized reports, please submit a ticket. All of the reports listed below can be exported to an Excel format for further manipulation.

Data ProductDescriptionLink
Award ReportsAll award actions from both RAMSeS and eTRACSAll Awards Report with Compliance Flags

All Awards by Personnel Banner ID

All Awards by Chess Code
Proposal ReportsAll Proposals from both RAMSeS and eTRACS with date and compliance filtersAll Proposals Report with Compliance Flags

All Proposals by Personnel Banner ID
Co-Investigator ReportsAward actions or Proposals processed and organized by co-investigatorseTRACS Co-Investigator Report > Go to Proposal Development > Pre-Defined Reports > Proposal/Award Co-Investigators List

RAMSeS Co-Investigators Awards Report
Personnel ReportsA summary of projects or proposals by person, eTRACS project number, proposal number or grant number.
(Note: use a wildcard % for any criteria that you do not know.
Only one criteria is required to run the report)
Awarded Personnel Committed Effort

Proposal Personnel
Subaward ReportseTRACS Subaward Reports > Go to Proposal Development > Pre-Defined Reports > Subawards Issued YTD

Keyword SearchA keyword search of the project description from eTRACS records ONLY!eTRACS Keyword Search
Research AccountingVarious Research Accounting reports managed by Financial Services and REDE CMSI; Access may be limited by Banner securityFinancial Services Research Accounting Reports

REDE Management Reports
REDE Research TrackingDivisional Report with limited access for ADRs and REDE leadershipResearch Tracking - All Units
End of Year ReportsEnd of Year Sponsored Projects reports on proposals, award and expendituresEnd of Year REDE Reports

ECU Financial & Audit Reports