Post-Submission Actions

Usually, the principal investigator is the first person to know that a proposal will be funded, often via an informal contact. Even when there is no guarantee of an award (perhaps all that is known is that the review scores were very good), there are a number of steps which can make the award setup and project initiation much smoother and quicker.

To help make the award setup and project initiation as smooth of a process as it can be, follow these tips below:

  • Spread the Word: Let ECU administrators and staff know the award may be coming, especially administrative personnel at the department level and the ORA. There are any number of preparations that can begin in support of your project.
  • Reconfirm the Proposal: Check the eTRACS proposal to make sure that everything which led to the award is attached. Make sure nothing has changed which would impact the conduct of the project.
    • Did you have any correspondence with the sponsor after the proposal was submitted?
    • Have there been any changes in the proposal budget?
    • Is the proposal still feasible as it was written?
    • Are all the personnel still available?
  • Research Subjects: If UMCIRB or IACUC approvals are needed, it is likely time to finalize those arrangements. Delays in these approvals is the most common cause of project delays.
  • Just-In-Time Information: Does the sponsor want information about other support or other certifications?
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosures: These are required before award setup. See Conflicts of Interest and Commitment.
  • Personnel Actions: Will new personnel be hired on the grant? Will the grant pay summer salary? Make sure your grant administrators are aware of these needs.
  • Subawards: If your funded proposal involves subawards to other institutions, let the ORA know and review the procedure for initiating subawards.
  • Pre-Award Spending: Is a project pre-award spending account needed? See Help – Submitting Change Requests.

If you have any questions about post-submission actions, please reach out to the ORA.