Research Faculty Offboarding Process

When a faculty member separates from ECU through resignation, termination or retirement, several research-related systems and processes must be addressed.

Research Data and Records

  • Research data is the recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings, including but not limited to documents (paper and electronic), notebooks (paper and electronic), image files, and protocols. All research data generated at ECU is property of the University. For more detail and information, see Research Data and Records.
  • If desired, the investigator may request through a Data Transfer Agreement that ownership of the original data be transferred to the investigator or another institution to support continuation of the project. However, the investigator must provide the department chair with copies of the original research data and records for permanent archiving and provide copies of the data and records to collaborators and co-investigators.

Research Specimens

As with data, physical objects or specimens produced or obtained by the researcher while at ECU are considered property of the University; investigators can request that specimens be transferred to another institution through a Material Transfer Agreement.

Extramurally Sponsored Research

  • Depending on the status of project, it will need to be closed out or a change of PI requested.
  • If the faculty member is co-PI or other personnel on the project, the faculty member can request to remain on the continuing project for a defined period. A request for continuing access to ECU’s domain should be made by the supervisor as noted on this page.

Intramurally Sponsored Research (i.e. startup funds)

If you have current research or other funds that will not be spent before you leave, you must contact the fund provider to arrange for return of funds.

Human Participant Research Protocols

If your research is Institutional Review Board (UMCIRB) approved or exempt, you have two options:

  1. Close your study in ePIRATE via a Final Report.
  2. Amend the study to assign a new ECU PI. The investigator that is leaving may remain on study as a sub-investigator at ECU, but either an IRB reliance will be needed with their new institution, or an Individual Investigator Agreement would be required (if they are not affiliated with a new employer that has an IRB).

Animal Participant Research Protocols

Contact the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Office