What does ORA Review?

ORA reviews proposals routed through eTRACS. Proposals to external funders should be routed for approval prior to submission.

What should be routed in eTRACS?

Only proposals that request new funds that are not included in any previously funded proposal should be routed in eTRACS. The proposal type must be designated as either “new” or “supplement” which are defined as follows:

  • New: Proposals for new funds that are not included in any prior funded proposal.
    • New project proposals with a single budget period (not part of an existing multi-year award);
    • New project proposals with multiple budget periods within a multi-year project period (most federal proposals and many federally funded subaward proposals);
    • New funds to continue a previously funded activity with an expiring project period (NIH “competitive renewal,” repeating annual service contracts, etc.); and
    • New funds requested via amendment to an existing award that extends the end date of the existing award period.
  • Supplement: Proposals for additional funds within an existing award period.
    • Funds requested are not part of a prior funded proposal.
    • Supplemental proposal does not extend the existing project end date.

What should not be routed in eTRACS?

The following should not be routed through the eTRACS system:

  • Proposals for annual funding increments for a previously approved multi-year project (Year 2 and beyond on a multi-year award)
  • Progress reports (but upload the report into the existing eTRACS project to ensure a complete project file). This is also a significant change from prior practice, especially for NIH research performance progress reports.
  • Budget revisions