Fall 2019 URCA Recipients

Fall 2019 URCA Award Recipients

First NameLast NameCategory of ProjectDepartmentProject TitleCo-Investigator 1Co-Investigator 2Faculty MentorCo-Mentor
Justin BaileyBrinsonSocial SciencesAnthropologyClassification of Prehistoric Artifacts in Pitt County Randolph Daniel
AddisonSiemonSocial SciencesAnthropologyEmbattled & Burned: New Discoveries at Brunswick Charles Ewen
DaniFosterHumanities/ArtsForeign Language and LiteratureThe Importance of Alexander von Humboldt's Conception of Nature for Climate Science David Smith
MinaChanakiraBiomedical SciencesChemistryFtrB and its role in the uptake of ferrous iron in Brucella Sambuddha Banerjee
BrennanHugginsSTEMChemistryInhibition of Ice Crystallization Using Fluorescent Antifreeze PeptidesMegan KoufasWilliam E. Allen
ArvindRajanBiomedical SciencesECU Department of Physiology and East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity InstituteDetermining the ketogenic diet-driven gene transcription in the normal and hypertrophic heart Jessica EllisPereyra, AAndrea Pereyra
DavidMurraySTEMChemistryDevelopment of facile synthetic methods to incorporate novel unnatural amino acids into user-designed peptides with unique functionalities Adam OffenbacherWilliam Allen
JonathanCarverSTEMBiologyRole of Adamts9 in primordial germ cell migration and sex determination in zebrafish Danio rerio Yong Zhu
ZacharyWarfelSTEMBiologyInterannual Variability in Morphometric Condition of Larval Atlantic Croaker and Mojarra as a Function of Temperature, Zooplankton Abundance, and Seasonality Rebecca Asch
KayleePattersonBiomedical SciencesBiologyCharacterizing the role of Tnpo-SR in Oogenesis Elizabeth Ables
SavannaWilliamsSTEMEngineering and TechnologyUse of Hydrogels to Emulate Lymphedema Tissue Densities for Use in AERO Device Stephanie George
TaylorMalachowskiBiomedical SciencesAnatomy and Cell BiologyDoes male germ cell development require RA? Chris GeyerOleksandr Kirsanov
ParthDaveSTEMBiologyInvestigation of conserved cysteines on fatty acid desaturase function Patrick Horn
ConorFernsHumanities/ArtsFilm and Video ProductionCapture the Moment/ A documentary on an aging photojournalist Erick GreenMary Elliot
RachelCobbHumanities/Arts Literacy Studies, English Education, and History Education and Department of Elementary and Middle Grades EducationRepresentation and Construction of Disabilities in Children’s and Young Adult LiteratureHannah SkaffChristy HowardJennifer Gallagher
JamesBarrosBiomedical SciencesEngineering and NursingDESIGN OF A PATIENT ORIENTATION MONITORING SYSTEM Ricky Castles
GriffinCrail-SteinbakerSTEMEngineering and TechnologySensor-Based Anxiety Monitoring SystemGunnar PriceRiley DummRickey Castles
MariahMookSTEMEngineering and TechnologyReinforcement Learning for a Data-Driven Insulin Pump Jinkun Lee
NatalieBellSTEMEngineering and TechnologyImprovement of Insulin-Glucose Model for Personalized Model Predictive Control Jinkun Lee
BridgetWardSTEMEngineering and TechnologyComputer-Assisted Image Analysis of Echocardiography in Pulmonary Hypertension Patients Stephanie George
StephenSugarbakerSTEMEngineering and TechnologyValorization of Waste Peanut Skins: Extraction of Bioactive Compounds Kurabachew Duba
BaileyThomasBiomedical SciencesPharmacology and ToxicologyThe role of ChemR23 in ozone-induced pulmonary inflammation and injury Kym GowdySky Reece
CalebLockamySTEMEngineering and TechnologySolar and Blue Energy Harvesting for Desalination Tarek Abdel-SalamFaete Filho
AnujSanghviBiomedical SciencesEngineering and TechnologyPatient-Specific Models for Perioperative Planning Barbara Muller-Borer
DylanSampsonSTEMKinesiologyEffects of distracted jump training on mechanical differences in a jump-landing task Patrick Rider
MychaelaBrownBiomedical SciencesPsychologyLearning Problems in a Mouse Model of Sleep Impairment Tuan Tran
ShyamSutariyaBiomedical SciencesPharmacology and ToxicologyVisualization of the anit-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol post neuronal damage Kenneth Soderstrom
KendallSchunkSocial SciencesNursingCardiovascular Disease and Diabetes in Lung Cancer Lee Ann Jarrett-Johnson
ConnerMikitkaBiomedical SciencesNutrition ScienceInfluence of Hyperglycemia condition of Matrix Remodeling Responses of Macrophages Ian Hines
JustinCefaluSocial SciencesNutrition ScienceInfluence of Cooking Classes on Nutrition LiteracyShay ErnestRafailia VogiatzisMichael WheelerKate Wilson
ElizabethViveretteSTEMPhysicsCryo-Electron Microscopy and Fibrinogen Structure Nathan Hudson
AbigailWareSocial SciencesPsychologyMental Health Risk Factors for Postpartum DepressionRebecca HarrellChristyn Dolbier
NikitaRevankarSTEMHuman Development and Family ScienceBuilding a Technology Based STEAM Learning CommunityLyndsey GrahamChia Jung Yeh
SarahKautzSocial SciencesKinesiologyLAST: Leisure Activity Step Tracking Study Bhibha Das
SamanthaFosterSocial SciencesHealth Education and PromotionIdentifying context of high-risk opioid use through Emergency Room Data Kathleen Egan
KierstenRadfordSocial SciencesHealth Promotion and EducationLung Cancer Screening Adherence among Black Immigrants in the United States Leslie Cofie
AlexandriaPerrySocial SciencesHealth and Human PercormanceCollege Male HPV/HPV Vaccine StudyMadelynn MorinAlice RichmanEssie Torres
JenniferMcMainsBiomedical SciencesPhysiologyNeuritogenesis following radiation and castration Johanna Hannan
NaimiPothiwalaBiomedical SciencesDiabetes and Obesity InstituteMitochondrial Phenotyping of LeukemiaHannah CoalsonKelsey Fisher-Wellman
AnanyaKoripellaBiomedical SciencesEast Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute and Department of PhysiologyElucidating the role of BRCA1 in muscle satellite cells Espen Spangenburg
PatrickKlitschHumanities/ArtsTextilesVyschyvanko: Identity Through Dress Robin Haller
BrookePalmerHumanities/ArtsSchool of Theatre and DancePerforming in American Sign Language – “The Magic of Winter from Around the World" Patch ClarkNancy Ausherman