Faculty Resources

REDE has a goal of doubling the number of students engaged in undergraduate research this academic year. Faculty are a key aspect of this ambitious plan. REDE and the Office of Undergraduate Research is dedicated to supporting faculty mentors for undergraduate research.

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers the following faculty resources:

New: ForagerOne

ECU’s Water Resources Center and the Office of Undergraduate Research are fostering scholarly productivity by offering access to ForagerOne, a platform that enables students to connect with faculty and scholars to engage in research, innovation, creative pursuits, and more. Faculty and scholars can post their current work and availability so students can more easily connect with openings. Faculty are invited to log in to ForagerOne using ECU credentials and create a profile. The platform equips you with robust tools to effortlessly build your team, respond to student applications and messages, and forge connections with fellow faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and staff.  

Currently, there are a limited number of faculty profiles available, so claim your profile soon. For a deeper dive into the platform, visit the ForagerOne support webpage,  check out a tutorial video  or explore a PowerPoint presentation.

Should you have questions or need assistance navigating the platform, contact Dr. Alex Manda at mandaa@ecu.edu or Dr. Tuan Tran at trant@ecu.edu. You can also connect with the ForagerOne Support Team at support@foragerone.com.


Faculty Development Awards for Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences

The Office of Undergraduate Research anticipates continued funding for the Faculty Development Award for Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) program during the 2022-23 academic year.

The 2017-18 academic year marked the first call for competitive awards for faculty development projects, partially funded by the UNC System office and supplemented by the Office of Undergraduate Research. Five individuals or teams of faculty were funded. Most projects focused on improving and expanding strategies to support research within courses. CUREs can serve as the first experience in research, and for some students, the only experience in research during their undergraduate career.

The application and instructions for the 2022-2023 academic year will be made available soon.

Council on Undergraduate Research

ECU has upgraded its membership with the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). The enhanced institutional membership has many benefits, including no-cost memberships for faculty, students and staff. This allows members to access discounts to attend CUR’s National Conference and other CUR events. Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the many benefits that a CUR membership has to offer. A complete list of membership benefits can be found here.

Become a member by sending an email to jdouglas@cur.org and copying trant@ecu.edu.