Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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On-Campus Opportunities
  • Capture 180: ECU’s competition for undergraduates based on the popular 3-minute thesis competition. Students are judged on comprehension, content, engagement and communication.
  • Chemistry REU Opportunities: Funded by the National Science Foundation, this program provides ECU students with summer research opportunities in chemistry and biochemistry.
  • Conference Awards: Awards of up to $600 will be given to current or continuing undergraduate students who present their research or creative activity projects at conferences during the academic year. Awards will assist in covering registration fees and travel costs. Awarded amount will be based on location, registration cost, and available funds.
  • Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs): CUREs at ECU bring research into the classroom, allowing students to experience being a part of a project during their time in class. Our CUREs are curriculum based, so students can easily enroll in these courses with an emphasis on research as part of their regular course of study.
  • Research and Creative Achievement Week (RCAW): RCAW provides students with an opportunity to practice their presentation skills and meet other creative scholars with similar interests. Current ECU undergraduate scholars are invited to present their research to fellow students, colleagues, faculty and the local community in a professional, conference-style setting.
  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Awards: URCA awards can provide funding up to $2,000 to support faculty-mentored research and creative projects in the areas of biomedical sciences, social sciences, STEM, as well as arts and humanities. 


Other Opportunities

The following are opportunities are available to undergraduate researchers throughout the state and around the country: