Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Awards

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Awards provide funds to support faculty-mentored research and creative projects undertaken by undergraduate students. Applications consist of a summary of the work to be completed and a budget. Budgets can include funds to pay for supplies and materials to support the project, travel to the site of the project and a stipend for the student.

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There are two deadlines per year. The first is the last Friday in September and the second is the last Friday in January. For Spring 2019, the deadline iss et for Friday, Jan. 25 at 5 p.m. Reviews are carried out by discipline-specific faculty in four areas: biomedical science; science, technology, engineering, and math; social science; and humanities and arts. Applications are submitted and reviewed through Qualtrics.

URCA Information

URCA Application Materials

  • Application Instructions: Application instructions for URCA applications can be found here.
  • URCA Application: Click the link to access the URCA application.

URCA Reporting

  • Final Report: Give your final report here.

Past URCA Awardees

Read about our fall 2018 URCA award recipients.