Jeffrey Skibins

Dr. Jeffrey Skibins
Recreation and Leisure Studies

Research Outputs


  • Markwell, K., Weiler, B., Skibins, J. C., & Saunders, R. (in review). Sympathy for the devil: Uncovering inhibitors and enablers of emotional engagement between zoo visitors and the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisi). Visitor Studies.
  • Skibins, J. C.,  Weiler, B.,  Markwell, K., & Wilson, L. (in review). The devil made me do it: Interpretation and values as predictors of zoo visitors’ pro-conservation behaviors for Tasmanian Devils. Journal of Interpretation Research.
  • Yamada, N. & Skibins, J. C. (in review). Effectiveness and opportunities of interpreter training in the Japanese interpretive context: An impact assessment of a training program in Japan. Journal of Interpretation Research.
  • Skibins, J. C. (in review). The infinite visit: A unifying temporal/spatial framework for visitor management. In J. Albrecht (Ed.), Visitor Experience Management in Nature-based Tourism. CABI.
  • Skibins, J. C., & Sharp, R. (2018). Binge watching bears: Efficacy of real vs. virtual flagship exposure. Journal of Ecotourism,



  • Skibins, J. C. (2019 January). Sliding scales: Designing a zoo experience to cultivate empathy and motivate action. Keynote address presented at ACE for Wildlife symposium. Seattle, WA.
  • Skibins, J. C. (2018 October). Conservation caring: Using psychology and statistics to save wildlife. Webinar hosted by the Conservation Psychology Institute, Antioch University – New England.
  • Skibins, J. C. (2018 October). Are a nature connection and WIFI connection compatible? Paper presented at the 2018 North American Association for Environmental Education Research Symposium. Spokane, WA.


Research Projects

  • ACE for Wildlife Advisory Board
  • Connection to Nature Working Group
  • Visitor Use Management Research Panel
  • Influence of interpretation on bear webcams’ contribution to economic, experiential, and conservation outcomes for brown bears.
  • A regional model for evaluating pro-conservation behaviors related to wildlife across eastern North Carolina


Research Activities

  • ACE for Wildlife Advisory Board
  • Connection to Nature Working Group
  • Visitor Use Management Research Panel


Student Researchers

  • Andres Leon-Reyes, co-chair, Ph.D., in progress
  • Meghan Roberts, committee member, M.S., in progress
  • Chase Webber, undergraduate independent study, in progress