Laser TAG 2021 RCAW Image Competition

This year, the Laser Technologies Application Group (Laser TAG) hosted the second annual RCAW image competition “Capturing the Art of Science” to celebrate the beauty of scientific discovery.

We received many excellent entries. Through the help of our esteemed judges, Michael Crane (Associate Dean of Research, Marketing and Outreach for ECU’s College of Fine Arts and Communication), Emily Jarvis (Executive Director of A Time for Science), Sharon Paynter (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Economic and Community Engagement), Trista Reis Porter (Executive Director of Greenville Museum of Art), and BJ Smith (artist at the The Art Lab), we have arrived at this year’s winners. Judges were blinded to the identity of the entrants, and scored the entries on aesthetics, originality, and relation to the described science.

Laser TAG co-chairs, Karen Litwa (Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology) and Robert Hughes (Department of Chemistry) are excited to announce the winners of this event.

2021 Laser Tag “Capturing the Art of Science” Photos


  • First Place – Dr. Emily Wilson (recent graduate of anatomy and cell biology)
  • Second Place – Rohan Parekh (graduate student in pharmacology and toxicology)
  • Third Place (tie) – Sarah Goodnight (graduate student in biology)
  • Third Place (tie) – Jonathan Carver (graduate student in biology)

Honorable Mentions

  • Peter Kann (graduate student in biology)
  • Amna Naser (graduate student in anatomy and cell biology)
  • Christopher Moore (graduate student in biology)
  • Fatema Salem (graduate student in interdisciplinary program in biological sciences)
  • Samantha Dowiarz (graduate student in biology)
  • Amanda Powell (undergraduate student in biology)

*Winning submissions can be viewed on the Laser TAG Twitter (@ECLaserTag) and Instagram (lasertag_2020) accounts. Winning submissions will also be displayed at the new North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Greenville to share the artistry and impact of research at ECU with the broader community.

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