Natural Resources and the Envinronment Cluster Researchers

The following researchers are members of ECU’s Natural Resources and Environment Research Cluster.

Core Cluster Members

NameDepartmentCluster RoleResearch InterestAdditional Expertise and Resources
Burrell MontzGeographyCo-DirectorNatural Hazards, water resources management, and environmental impact AnalysisSurveys, focus groups, and environmental impact analysis
Alex MandaGeologyCo-DirectorGroundwater resources, saltwater intrusion, and coastal hydrogeologyGroundwater modeling, hydrogeophysics, citizen science, and geospatial analysis
Cindy Putnam-EvansBiology/THCASTHCAS ADRMolecular aspects of photosynthesis
Jamie DeWittPharmacology and ToxicologyMemberBiological organisms and their responses after exposure to environmental contaminants
Randall EtheridgeEngineeringMemberAgricultural and ecological engineeringHigh frequency (sub-hourly) monitoring of water quality (e.g., nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon); and watershed and field scale hydrologic modelling
Michael O’DriscollGeologyMemberIdentifying and quantifying the factors that regulate groundwater and nutrient inputs to surface water
Charlie HumphreyHealth and Human PerformanceMemberOn-site wastewater systems, pollutant transport through groundwater and surface water, stormwater management, and land use impacts on water quality
Tom RickenbachGeographyMemberPrecipitation systems and climate variabilitySurface radar-based high-resolution precipitation dataset analysis for U.S. and global satellite precipitation analysis
Praveen MalaliEngineeringMemberOcean-wave energy conversion systems, solar-thermal power generation, energy savings and engineering education
Jacob HochardEconomicsMemberEnvironmental and development economics
Ariane PeraltaBiologyMemberMicrobiology, biogeochemistry, community and soil ecology, and the applied disciplines of restoration ecology and agroecology
Donna KainEnglishMemberRhetoric and public policy, new media, discourse analysis, mixed-methods research, communicating complex data, organizational communication, and genre and activity
Richard EricsonEconomicsMemberComparative Economic System, mcroeconomic theory, and economics of transition
Tarek Abdel SalamEngineeringMember/CET ADREnergy efficiency of thermal systems, thermal management, solar assisted devices, wind energy, pollution prevention and source reduction, environmental management, alternative and advanced fuels, green engineering, computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and subsonic-supersonic combustion
Ranjeet AgarwalaEngineeringMemberSustainable energy, particularly solar and wind energy
David ChalcraftBiologyMemberPopulation and community and ecosystem ecology in both freshwater and terrestrial system

Affiliate Cluster Members

Jeffrey SkibinsRecreation and Leisure Studies
Rachel GittmanBiology and Coastal Studies Institute
April BlakesleeBiology
Lok R. PokhrelPublic Health
Jinkun LeeEngineering