2023 Laboratory for Analytic Science Topic Areas

The Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) at North Carolina State University in Raleigh invites researchers to submit one or more white papers detailing a proposed research project to be conducted next year. The call for white papers provides examples of research and application areas of interest for the lab. It is derived from a careful consideration of mission needs based on discussions with U.S. Intelligence Community partners as well as the current expertise and interests of LAS staff. The areas of interest described in the 2023 call for white papers are:

Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Interests related to improving the efficiency of creating and maintaining ML models, as well as applications of AI/ML techniques that can give intelligence analysts a strategic advantage.

Human-Machine Teaming

Interests related to improving how analysts can partner effectively with automation, particularly through understanding, modeling, and applying models of the human analyst.

Content Triage

Interests related to the scalable extraction of information from text, speech, and video, as well as the summarization of large-scale content, in order to facilitate using data content, in combination with available metadata, to determine relevance.

LAS is a mission-oriented academic-industry-government research collaboration that works at the intersection of technology and tradecraft. LAS brings together multidisciplinary teams to address intelligence community mission challenges. We apply unclassified examples from academic and commercial partners to intelligence community goals. Participants selected for research projects will work with LAS staff to deliver mission-relevant solutions to better support today’s intelligence analysts.